• Serving Ministries

    Serving and supporting those who serve others. This is the heart of our mission.

  • Reaching Multitudes

    Reaching as many people as possible by all means possible with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Anywhere. Everywhere.

  • Member Ministries Say...

    Over two decades of empowering, encouraging and equipping men and women to live out their calling to ministry.


Have you been called to serve others? Is it your desire to start a Christ-centered ministry but you’re not sure where to begin? Are you looking to have your time freed up to minister and not administer? Are you ready to be part of an organization that will help ignite and sustain your passion for the Gospel through serving others?

If your answer is "yes", welcome to

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One month ago we announced that Faith in the Family International changed its name to MINISTRY ALLIANCE. The decision was prompted by the need to more accurately reflect our mission and purpose. Since making the announcement we have received many positive comments and affirmations. Thank you to . . .

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